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We are on West 4th. We are on Bleecker too.
Now we are online as well.
Going dot com is certainly a momentous step for us, for in the past 32 years, Hotoveli has focused on making the in store experience a memorable one. It is very exciting that we could now extend our reach beyond the tree lined streets of Bleecker and West 4th
Online or off – some things never change – the adamant spirit of subtle luxury that Hotoveli is known for. The store found its beginnings in 1982, when after coming back to New York after a six-month trip to Europe, owner Michael Adjiashvili opened up a location on Bleecker Street showcasing unique garments imported from Europe. Having no prior experience in the fashion industry, Michael was simply committed to one thing – setting the caliber of quality in innovation and craftsmanship, and to make the in store experience a fond one to remember. When the store opened its doors on a Sunday afternoon among what was then on Bleecker an antique row, people flooded through the doors and Hotoveli soon became known as the neighborhood destination for novelty luxurious garments.
Much has changed in West Village since then – small antique shops have been replaced over the years by flagship stores of big luxury giants, and Hotoveli also opened another location a block down on West 4th. It has seen shops and cafes come and go, as well as trends and hemlines. Perhaps, what has really made Hotoveli stay is its unchanging spirit of understated luxury – an appreciation of details in artistry and a dedication to providing an experience of subtle indulgence, which we believe would always beg a loyal following.

On going online......
In the past few years, it would be hard to deny that our clients have increasingly started equipping themselves with knowledge relating to art, design and beyond through different internet and social media platforms. We realized by going dot com, we could enhance our customer’s retail experience by providing them with up-to-minute information regarding exclusive new arrivals, upcoming collaborations and exciting information about designers, artists and unique individuals we care about.
From its very beginning, Hotoveli has treasured the collaborative spirit of creativity, from interactions with clients to relationships with our designers. Going online would make this relationship more seamless.
Click here to see for yourself. And welcome to the world of Hotoveli.

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