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2 Rick Owens Dresses You Need to Add to Your Ultra-Luxe Wardrobe

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2 Rick Owens Dresses You Need to Add to Your Ultra-Luxe Wardrobe

The assertive design of Rick Owens has earned him loyalists among the world’s most influential trendsetters. The paparazzi has captured a host of high profile artists and influencers including Erykah Badu, Mos Def, HwahwaLala, A$AP Rocky and performance artist Christeene sporting the moody, asymmetrical look and unconventional cuts for which Owens is famed.

Owens began on the outskirts of the fashion industry, cutting patterns for knock-off designer clothing after dropping out of Otis College of Art and Design. He opened his own line in 1994 with his wife, Michele Lamy. Let’s explore a few simple dresses that can add an elemental edge to your luxury wardrobe.

One-of-a-kind design: Rick Owens Eclipse Denim Dress

The Rick Owens Eclipse Denim Dress is a garment and a work of art. Beneath a shockingly simple neck and shoulder cut is an edgy, asymmetrical design that brings out every nuance of the 100% cotton denim texture. On opposite sides of the floor-length dress, the fabric is cut to expose the lower leg, and by extension whichever pair of boots or heels you have chosen to pair with the dress. It’s an unconventional look that calls to mind an applicable quote by Owens.

“People ask why I do monochromatic clothes; the reason is because I'm thinking in proportion to the world,” Owens said. “…[Y]our head is going to look so much more interesting if it's on a monochromatic column. Whereas I think people think of outfits and gets a little too fussy, a little too detailed. I'm always thinking of the line of a person standing with their head in a room and I always feel like a stalk or a stem, or a pillar is nicer. I always think of everything architecturally.”

Simple, Elegant Luxury: Rick Owens Lilies Abito Tornado Gown DNA Dust

Rick Owens’s architectural vision can once again be seen in the Rick Owens Lilies Abito Tornado Gown DNA Dust, a masterpiece of minimalism that allows for a range of creativity and self-expression in the hair and shoes, two important fashion points, according to Owens. “Hair and shoes say it all,” Owens said. “Everything in between is forgivable as long as you keep it simple.”

Rick Owens Accessories to Match with Unmistakable Garments

Leaving space for the expression and individuality of the wearer of each piece is a key part of Owens’s fashion theory. Let’s explore some accessories that have made popular additions to the dresses above.

One excellent addition is the Small Adri bag, which adjusts well to a wide range of situations from a simple walk through the city to an upscale art party. The Rick Owens medium zipped pouch is the perfect piece for holding the essentials. Made of 100% calf leather it features a textured matte finish and simple zip closure. This pouch makes the perfect pairing with any look. For those who want just a touch of the Owens vibe the zipped card holder is the way to go. A compact and easy piece that fits in your back pocket.

The Ideal Rick Owens Shoes to Pair with these Dresses

You can take full advantage of the opportunities Rick Owens dresses create for footwear with these options from Hotoveli. The Lego Sock Shoe features an unconventional lego stacked heel and a sleek stretch leather body that work with an avant-garde style. Or add an edge to a clean casual look.

Rick Owens Classic Stiletto Boot

This greyish brown stiletto boot features a zip closure on the side and a round toe. The 100% calf leather top sits on a four-inch heel. This versatile boot looks great with Owens’s dresses or paired with jeans and slacks for a casual look with an edge to it.

Rick Owens Geothrasher Sneaker

This Milk colored sneaker features a new lacing style and a round toe. The 100% reverse calf leather top sits on an easy rubber sole. This versatile sneaker looks great with Owens’s dresses to give them a new spin.

Explore More Rick Owens Fashion and Design with Hotoveli

Hotoveli supplies Rick Owens clothing and accessories as part of our mission to bring avant-garde fashion to an artistic and culturally passionate audience. To learn more about the pieces above or any of our other offerings, call us at + or +, or contact us online.

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