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5 Designer T-shirts Styles for Men

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The world’s most forward-thinking designers have challenged every assumption about the simple t-shirt with bold and innovative fashion pieces. These designer t-shirts play with elements of the garment including shape, color palettes, graphic design, and symmetry. We’re seeing designers at the forefront of the fashion world bring their touch to contemporary fashion trends including branding, the use of verbiage, and distressing.

Here are some t-shirts for men from the world of high fashion that elevate casual clothing to the level of art garments.

1. Isaac Sellam Sectionne T-Shirt In Grey: Artful Asymmetry

5 Designer T-shirts Styles for Men


Isaac Sellam is a master of bold, asymmetrical looks. This t-shirt thwarts expectations and revels in Bohemian detail work in order to bring modern energy to a classic long-sleeved t-shirt design. This men’s fashion t-shirt features a round neck and a thumb stirrup. It will add a little Avant-Garde flair to any jacket or open-collared shirt.


2. Yohji Yamamoto Pigment Discharge T-Shirt: A Celebration of Chaotic Beauty

5 Designer T-shirts Styles for Men


This is a deceptively simple shirt. The splash graphic at the middle features layered whites and off-whites that roll together in dynamic, fluid patterns over the stark black t-shirt by Yohji Yamamoto. Yamamoto is a groundbreaking Japanese designer who is known for merging the slender, lightweight look of Japanese style with edgy contemporary flourishes.

3. MJB Magna Cornices Long Sleeved T-Shirt: A Classic Style with an Aggressive Edge

5 Designer T-shirts Styles for Men


This long-sleeved t-shirt has a deconstructed ragged edge that suddenly breaks up the clean look of the garment.  The unusual design choice makes the eye search the whole garment again for other inventive details. Add subversive nuance to an otherwise simple look by wearing this t-shirt in either black or white.


4. Uma Wang Tavon Top: Avant-Garde Artistry to a Timelessly Simple Piece

5 Designer T-shirts Styles for Men


A simple black top is infused with avant-garde artistry in this designer t-shirt by Chinese designer Uma Wang.  Made out of 100% cotton, this garment features a raw edge and is cold-dyed to create a subtle, uneven color effect.


5. Rick Owens Designer Shirt: DRKSHDW LS Level T-Shirt

5 Designer T-shirts Styles for Men


Rick Owens design is synonymous with unconventional cuts, challenging color choices, and textures that demand further exploration from viewers. This passport-colored long-sleeved t-shirt is 100% cotton. The edge hangs below the hips, and the sleeves are designed to allow for intricate folds to fall around the wrists for an unusual, attention-grabbing look.

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In the hands of a true designer, a t-shirt can become so much more than a casual clothing item. It can become a work of art. At Hotoveli, we are inspired by the vibrant art culture of our West Village, NYC location to offer challenging Avant-Garde clothing and objects from the world’s most innovative and bold designers. If you’re interested in these t-shirts, please contact us online, where you can browse through more shirts as well as pants, shoes, boots, and accessories. You can also call us at our 271 West 4th Street location at +, the home of our men’s collection.

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