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Avant Garde Fashion Brands: 4 of the Boldest and Brightest Designers

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Every pursuit in life has its pioneers and its trend-setters. In the world of fashion, these Avante-Garde designers are the trailblazers and pioneers. They’re known for pushing the envelope with groundbreaking, progressive styles season after season. Names like Uma Wang, Ziggy Chen, DRKSHDW, Forme d'Expression, and more offer you garments that are more than clothing, they’re art. You’ll see brands that offer incredible unconventional cuts, dark, complex textures, and irreverent, asymmetrical design. Let’s explore some brands that are at the forefront of the world of Avant-Garde fashion.

1.  Bohemian Road Wear from Ziggy Chen: The Thrill of Travel Captured in Garments


Avant Garde Fashion Brands: 4 of the Boldest and Brightest Designers


Ziggy Chen’s clothing captures the thrill of travel in dusty, mineral tones, road-worn distressing, effortless rumples, and loose silhouettes. His work encapsulates a Taoist duality, merging the rural nomad with urban sophistication, the bustle of marketplaces with the serenity of a desert. Just as a traveler finds inner balance in bright, unfamiliar worlds and clashing cultures, so does Ziggy Chen’s work find the balance between Eastern and Western styles.

2.  DRKSHDW: Rick Owens Revels in Punk Iconography with a Gothic Edge


DRKSHDW has evolved from a denim collection into a full streetwear line through which Rick Owens, the lord of anarchic fashion, delivers accessible garments that capture the energy of his Paris runway walks. His edgy tailoring emerged from the muted colors and unusual shapes of the skater look. If this look were a sound, it would be the Ramones, as Owens asks himself “what would Joey wear?” for inspiration.  It’s the look of a generational identity- loud, irreverent, youthful, rebellious, and delivered with American simplicity. 

 3.  Forme d'Expression: Symbiosis Between Garment and Wearer


Koeun Park, a couture-trained Umbrian designer, is a firm believer in the fluid interplay between garment and wearer when creating clothing. She believes the two should form a naturally symbiotic relationship in which one entity does not impose on the other. Koeun hand preps, marks, hand cuts, and fuses each garment before it is sewn, lending personal attention to the craft.

 4.  Uma Wang: Effortless Fusion of Time, Place and Style

    Avant Garde Fashion Brands: 4 of the Boldest and Brightest Designers


      Chinese designer Uma Wang has earned acclaim worldwide after 10 years as the head of her own label. Her work explores the merging of east and west, the possibilities of asymmetry and opacity, and far more. She mixes and matches rare color palettes, graphics and schemes to create work unlike anyone else out there.

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