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Designer Necklaces for Men: Top 7 Jewelry Brands for Men

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Jewelry has a special relationship with its wearer. Beyond decoration and accessorizing, jewelry pieces are totems, charms, calling cards, and memories. At Hotoveli, we are proud to offer work from designers who remember the significance and story of jewelry, such as Werkstatt by Klaus Lohmeyer, who works with silver, gold and leather, or Tobias Wistisen, who uses drops of black lava stone to create unique pieces. Let’s explore some men’s jewelry that adds an edge to any look.

  1. Lava Tear Stones Necklace: Infuse Any Look with Volcanic Energy

Designer Necklaces for Men: Top (#) Jewelry Brands for Men

This link chain by Tobias Wistisen features a Lava like stone encrusted with black diamonds. This 100% sterling silver piece has a 9” drop, and bar and ring closure. It works incredibly well over a dark tee, or layered with a simple chain.

  1. Werkstatt: Munchen Skulls & Bones Ring: Gain an Effortless Edge

Designer Necklaces for Men: Top (#) Jewelry Brands for Men

Handmade in Germany out of 100% sterling silver. The skull and bones ring adds a cool and easy edge to your look. Pair it with some of the Werkstatt: Munchen bangles or wear it solo.

  1. Twin Sea Shells Necklace: Artisan Abyssal Style by Tobias Wistisen

Designer Necklaces for Men: Top (#) Jewelry Brands for Men

This link chain features twin sterling silver seashell pendants that curve gently as they twist downward. Close inspection reveals artful dings and dents of a distressed style, giving these nautical pieces a well-traveled look.

  1. Henson Collaboration Pin With Diamond: a Piece that Makes a Statement


Designer Necklaces for Men: Top (#) Jewelry Brands for Men

This Henson collaboration pin and necklace was handmade in Australia completely out of recycled sterling silver and diamond. The piece features twin metal pins with distressed detailing on a linked 23” chain.

  1. Scunzani Single Bracelet In Crocodile: Dark Leather and Heavy Metal

Designer Necklaces for Men: Top (#) Jewelry Brands for Men

Take a moment to appreciate the chaotic detailing on the leather strap in this bracelet. It is decorated with uneven metal rings, and a simple bar and chain closure device. It adds some texture to any minimal style.

  1. Chin Teo Saile Eclipse Necklace: Artisan Craftsmanship with an Astral Style

This beaded chain link necklace with ring pendant features a 13.5" drop and is made out of 100% Sterling Silver. Chin Teo is an artisan jeweler who creates contemporary pieces with natural textural finishes. Teo’s work explores new possibilities in adornment through natural shapes and found objects.

Discover More Treasures of Men’s Jewelry with Guidance from Hotoveli- An Avante-Garde Fashion Boutique in New York City

Craftsmanship and artistry are key components of why we offer the men’s jewelry brands we do. If you are interested in the pieces above, or learning more about our offerings, we would be happy to discuss them with you, not to mention shirts, pants, shoes, boots and more that will look incredible when detailed with these pieces. Please browse through our men’s jewelry online, or contact us by phone at +

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