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Gift Ideas for Fashion Lovers: a Complete Guide

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There are few better ways to demonstrate that you are familiar with the passions and interests of someone special to you than by giving them the perfect gift. You’re probably thinking of the fashion lover in your life. You may be looking for a way to give them something that captures their unique flair for edgy ensembles. Your best bet is to find accessories that fit in with their style. This can include sunglasses, fragrances, bags and more. Let’s explore some high fashion gift options that will help you create a memory with the person who is special to you.

Round Frame Sunglasses by Rigards: Style Inspired by Aquatic Beauty

 Gift Ideas for Fashion Lovers: a Complete Guide

For the lover of beautifully dark fashion or seafaring adventures in your life, try these round frame sunglasses by Rigards. These 100% horn sunglasses were inspired by the sea and all its drifting, ghostly beauty; it’s gentle tendrils of seaweed and intricate coral caves.

Chin Teo Omega Slice Earring: Raw Mineral Ore Beauty

Gift Ideas for Fashion Lovers: a Complete Guide

This Chin Teo Omega Diamond Slice Earring features, in addition to a 1-carat diamond in each earring duo. Crafted with artful distressing that calls to mind the time-worn charm of weathered rock faces.

Edward Bess X LamyLand Blood, Sweat And Tears Eau De Parfum

                              Gift Ideas for Fashion Lovers: a Complete Guide

This subtle, hypnotizing scent was the product of a collaboration between Michele Lamy and Edward Bess. Inspired by the primal thrill and fighting spirit that fills the boxing ring, this is a rare combination of grit and glamour in Blood, Sweat and Tears, the eternal price for victory and success. The leather case is designed to pay homage to the hand wrappings of a boxer’s fists. This creates an unforgettable presentation that makes this the ideal gift.

Mad Et Len Figue Noire Candle 150g: Style for the Home

 Gift Ideas for Fashion Lovers: a Complete Guide

For the lover of Avant-Garde style not just in clothing but in their living space, this candle offers stark, industrial style with just enough character. This soy wax and beeswax candle is packaged in handmade steel. The “fig tree” smell is green and fruity, and a little woodsy. It would be fair to compare it to something milky, like sandalwood.

Isaac Sellam Insurge Apparition Backpack In Ambre

                     Gift Ideas for Fashion Lovers: a Complete Guide

The reds and blacks of this leather backpack look so organic, it almost looks alive. It features two outer and two inner pockets, and an overall impression that just breathes personality.

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