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Guidi Leather: Why Quality Matters - A Hotoveli Review

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Guidi Leather shoes are masterpieces of craftsmanship. Their artisan tradition goes back to 1896 when the first location was founded. Guidi’s priority has always been to the quality of the leather, which is part of the reason the tanner and the footwear production process are run by the same company. Guidi piece dyes its leather, and runs them through an additional wash cycle to make sure that all of the excess dye is washed out. This ensures the item won’t bleed by removing additional dyes. A unique finishing process guarantees that Guidi leathers retain the authentic feeling of their skin. This is one of the reasons for their soft texture and ability to conform to the wearer.


Guidi has retained this artisanal tradition, while merging it with contemporary technology. Each shoe now comes with authentication numbers that can be checked using a barcode on the bottom. This has long been a part of Guidis culture of favoring quality over mass production.


Here at Hotoveli, we believe in art that emphasizes the relationship between the clothing and the wearer. We believe this begins with design, and the artfulness brought to the creation of the product, hence our choice to offer Guidi.


Guidi Leather Boots: The Aesthetic and the Experience


We love the aesthetic result of Guidi’s unique treatment of leather. The finishing process retains the organic dimensions of the leather, a material which, in the hands of a less attentive designer, might start to feel over-processed. One knows the work of Guidi almost at first sight, because their soft folds and distinct cuts subvert typical uniform-like treatments of boot design. Let’s examine a few examples of boots that are rich with character.


Guidi Leather: Exuberant Color and Texture in Kangaroo Reverse Boots

Guidi Leather: Why Quality Matters - A Hotoveli Review

Rarely do we see a boot with as grabbing as these kangaroo reverse boots by Guidi. These boots celebrate Guidi’s talent for dye work with a rich red color that offers variance in shade that emphasizes the texture of the 100% kangaroo leather. They are softer around the ankles, which creates a look that adapts to the wearer.

Artisan Flair is Brought to Military Minimalism: Guidi 5305 Horse Culata Full Grain


Guidi Leather: Why Quality Matters - A Hotoveli ReviewInspired by the functional shape of a military boot, this deep green horse culata boot by Guidi brings artisanal flair to minimalism. Guidi’s visual sense can be seen in the graceful cutting and stitching, which inject the boot with a lightweight energy rather than the clunky look of a traditional military boot.


Discover More Guidi Boots with Advice from Hotoveli


Hotoveli’s choice to offer Guidi is part of our mission to provide work from designers who have an uncompromising commitment to the artistic quality of their vision. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the Guidi boots above, or any others. You can browse through more of our collection contacting us online, or call us at + to learn more.

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