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Poeme Bohemien Shirts for Business Casual Looks

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Poeme Bohemien Shirts for Business Casual LooksUrban flourishes meld with utilitarian influences in Poeme Bohemien shirts. Like the free spirits who inspired this look, these shirts introduce light and flowing silhouettes into business casual wear, giving you more room for self-expression. The supple fabrics and distressed textures lend a contemporary aesthetic to these garments while angular shadows and subtle, monochrome shades ground the look with enough professionalism for a range of occasions. The look could be described as vintage or “much loved”, with styles that emphasize history and relationships with garments.

Edgy Professional Clothing: Poeme Bohemien Central Seam Shirt

Featuring a subdued grey color with an unconventional fit, this 100% cotton long-sleeved shirt offers a sharp but casual look. The collar is small and even, and the cuffs sit a little low. The shirt is meant to be worn untucked, and works well with a simple jacket thrown over it, jeans or slacks, and some sneakers, boots or formal footwear. For a lighter look, try the Poeme Bohemien Central Seam Shirt in light grey. These pieces merge dark palettes with textures that create the compelling impression that everything was thrown on, but landed exactly right.

The Poeme Bohemien Classic Fit Shirt: Lightweight, Textured Style

This monochromatic grey cotton gauze button-front shirt is a landscape of unconventional textures.  The collar sleeves, cuffs and button seam all introduce raw energy into the classic look, color and style of this garment. The long sleeves end in minimalist single-button cuffs. It works by itself, but the fabric is so lightweight that it leaves room for layering even if you are in slightly warmer weather. It is fun to contrast this gauzy, rumpled look with clean, smooth lines invests, blazers, or light jackets. Tailored pants and leather boots tend to work well too.

A Wardrobe Staple with Some Grit: The Poeme Bohemien Black Hidden Placket Shirt

Everyone should own a black button-down collared shirt, but there’s no reason not to let yours be a little offbeat. Pair the flowing, elegant shapes of this shirt with a range of jackets and shoes. Its minimalism makes the perfect dark canvas for assembling a unique look filled with stylish detailing and subtle asymmetries.

Toe the Line with The Poeme Bohemien 4 Panel T-Shirt

Revel in Bohemian delight with the ragged ease of this black long-sleeved t-shirt. It’s a deceptively simple garment that invites closer inspection with a raw edge hem, sleeve and neckline. Match this with slacks, jeans, or chinos. Wear this under a simple sweater, cardigan or jacket, or by itself with the sleeves pushed up for an asymmetrical, energetic look.

Pants to Pair with Your Poeme Bohemien Shirt

Narrow pants tend to be a good choice for matching with the shirts we’ve seen above. Hotoveli offers you a selection of jeans that will help you create a sleek, monochromatic, highly stylized look with tight outlines where a few care-free rumples only enhance the overall look and feel of each outfit.

A Staple with an Edge to it: Poeme Bohemien Classic Jean in Black

There are some pieces you’ll get a great deal of mileage out of, and these black jeans are one of them. They work with an incredible range of garments and shoes. For the bold and inventive, they can work with business casual looks. They are perfect for nights on the town, socializing at an art party or after a theater event, at a cocktail party with your colleagues, or just exploring your city. Check them out in grey, or light washes as well.

Discover more Bohemian Delights with Fashion Guidance from Hotoveli

If you are intrigued by garments with edgy cuts, charcoal, beige, and mineral tones Hotoveli would be happy to help you discover more clothing in this forward-thinking, Avant-Garde style. We are inspired by the culture and artistic climate of our West Village location in New York City. We delight in finding ideal ensembles for the vibrant personalities who come through the door. Browse through a wealth of shirts, pants, accessories, and footwear offerings online, or contact us by phone at + to learn more.

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