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Spring & Summer 2018 Runway Looks for Sale Online

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Hotoveli is excited to bring you looks straight off the runway from the Spring & Summer 2018 season. We’re passionate about the Avant-Garde trends we’re seeing this season. Hotoveli has gathered looks that challenge traditional style with inventive proportions and fits, and a collection of leather accessories that use soft shapes and raw textures to complement edgy looks. Designers such as Ziggy Chen are offering complex, layered and distressed garments while Uma Wang offers unique fabric and color combinations that have found international success. Rick Owens has brought his anarchic design to new heights with looks that revel in exploring new geometries for garments. Let’s explore looks that can bring the artistic energy of the Spring & Summer runway to your wardrobe.

Uma Wang: Unique Color and Fabric Combinations for International Flair 

Spring Summer 2018 Runway Looks for Sale Online


Originally from China, Uma Wang has earned acclaim all over the world for her design. Her pieces are known for lightweight fabrics, and subtle, graded color schemes. This season, she has worked with asymmetry to create unforgettable and inimitable pieces that flow effortlessly with the motion of the wearer. 

Ziggy Chen Coats: A Celebration of Road-Worn Style

Spring Summer 2018 Runway Looks for Sale Online


No restless Bohemian lifestyle would be complete without a love of travel- a fountain of inspiration for many of the world’s most influential creative types. Travel has a look associated with it: a raw, dust-colored blazer or a weather-beaten coat. A cardigan pulled out of a rucksack to make the journey a little cozier. Ziggy Chen’s work doesn’t just capture garments, but stories as well. Chen explores duality in each of these pieces; the clash of urban and rural nomadic style, finding balance in eastern and western style.

Rick Owens Fashion: Bold, Irreverent and Unabashed Looks

Spring Summer 2018 Runway Looks for Sale Online


Rick Owens is synonymous with thwarting conventions and delivering truly unique garments that prioritize a commitment to creating clothing as an art form above all else. Rick Owens defies convention with pieces such as the Uranian Woven Top and others that create a one-of-a-kind experience. The inhuman top uses bold geometries to produce a look like no other with angular, geometric shoulders and a glossy tone set against a softer matte black for a striking effect. 

Edgy Boots, Bags and More: Guidi Accessories to Complement Fashion-Forward Looks


Few designers have brought more attentiveness to the gorgeously coarse qualities of leather than Guidi. Since 1896, Guidi has merged traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology to create top-tier leather goods. Any edgy look would work well with this soft horse full grain backpack or these full-grain boots.

Let Hotoveli Be Your Guide to Avant-Garde Fashion for the Spring and Summer 2018 Season


One of the greatest joys of our work is helping passionate people connect with the bold work of the world’s most innovative and courageous designers. If you wish to learn more about these collections, or any of the other garments and objects we offer, please contact us online, or call + (our West 4th Street location) or + (our Bleecker Street location). 

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