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Spring/Summer 2018 Silhouette Trends

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Spring/Summer 2018 Silhouette TrendsThis season, we’re seeing designers take exciting risks when working with a silhouette. Fantastical flowing shapes and contrasting opacities are grounded in monochromatic tones. Fluid and exaggerated outlines are treated with aggressive distressing techniques such as burning and singeing, injecting grit and realism into these adventurously airy styles. This edgy look and feel can be found in work by names such as Horisaki, Ziggy Chen, Uma Wang, and more.

Let’s explore a few pieces that represent some of the boldest trends in silhouette work this season, and how to best make use of these forward-thinking pieces.  

How to Wear a Duster Coat: Draped Silhouettes from Ziggy Chen

This duster coat is Chinese fashion visionary Ziggy Chen’s take on a popular trend in men and women’s fashion. The strategic cut of the shoulders allows it to hang in a loose silhouette. The complex tactile quality of the fabric evokes a low-key sophistication. Wear this duster coat open with loose scarves, over simple tops, or layered looks.

Chen’s creativity is informed by the modern era’s rapid collisions between old and new, east and west, and young and old. Hence, Chen’s 1115 coat features a simple collar associated with Chinese style merged with rebellious raw edge detailing and natural horn buttons.

Designer Scarf by Uma Wang: A Study in Shading

Add this scarf by Uma Wang to your collection for a piece that lends itself to endless reinvention when it comes to shading and silhouettes. Wang’s work tends to be inspired by her surroundings, which translates into the layered, organic look of this piece. We love this scarf because of the multitude of ways in which it may be worn.

Draped over the neck and shoulders, it lets dreamy, shaded rolls of fabric play over one arm. Wide enough to wrap around the back, this scarf lets you add nuance and shadow to a gown or dress that features partially exposed back and shoulders. Bring a wonderfully alive feeling to your look by wearing this scarf in brown and green, but for a brighter, marbled look, try it in tan with intricate black detailing.

Designer Hats for Women and Men by Horisaki: Jaunty, Uneven Silhouettes

There’s something delightfully fun about the shape and shadow of the hats from Horisaki this season. We’re seeing asymmetrical, artfully crushed shapes that work with many styles. Most of the hats are soft and pliable and can be shaped to complete a forward-thinking look.

A quick note on Horisaki design. Horisaki hats are beloved for bringing unconventional shapes to classic hat designs. Husband and wife Makoto and Karin Horisaki inject elemental touches into their work by distressing their hats with fire and water.

Horisaki Birch Burnt Hat: Designer Style with an Aggressive Edge

This designer hat by Horisaki features a crushed crown, medium brim, and a subtle burnt finish that introduces a singed grading into the creamy rabbit furfelt. The knit band lining offers some flexibility in sizing.

Learn More About Avant-Garde Fashion Trends with Hotoveli as Your Guide

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