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News — 2018 silhouette trends for spring

Spring/Summer 2018 Silhouette Trends

Posted by Steve Cecena on

Spring/Summer 2018 Silhouette Trends

This season, we’re seeing designers take exciting risks when working with a silhouette. Fantastical flowing shapes and contrasting opacities are grounded in monochromatic tones. Fluid and exaggerated outlines are treated with aggressive distressing techniques such as burning and singeing, injecting grit and realism into these adventurously airy styles. This edgy look and feel can be found in work by names such as Horisaki, Ziggy Chen, Uma Wang, and more. Let’s explore a few pieces that represent some of the boldest trends in silhouette work this season, and how to best make use of these forward-thinking pieces.   How to Wear a...

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