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Top 6 Guidi Boots For Men and Women in 2018

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Top 6 Guidi Boots For Men and Women in 2018A Quick Note on Guidi Craft and Creativity:

Guidi was founded by tanners Giovanni Rosellini and Gino Ulivo in 1896. The original location was the ‘Conceria Guidi E Rosellini’ at Pescia in Tuscany, Italy. As tanners, the founders had a high respect for leather and its traditions, rejecting mass production in favor of putting craftsmanship into each design. Guidi has come to be synonymous with the bond between an object and its possessor through a long legacy of working luxurious leathers to deliver a heritage collection of lace-up brogues,  military style boots, and zipped ankle boots. Frequently, these boots will merge classic, Italian heritage sensibilities such as distressed finishes and timeless design with contemporary styles for a fresh look.

Let’s take a look at some of the top Guidi boots for men and women in 2018.

  1. Guidi 210 Reverse Horse Boot: Vintage Style in Popping Color

This front-zip Guidi 210 Reverse Horse Boot combines high design with a vintage sensibility. Guidi’s respect for the medium of leather can be seen in the rich colors they offer. Variances in shade and tone are a result of the object-dying process each pair goes through.  Ready-made for autumn with a high ankle, and clean exposed zipper, you can find the right hue that fits right into your color spectrum.

  1. Classic Italian Style with A Cutting-Edge Twist: Guidi 994 Kangaroo Reverse Boots

These low lace-up boots are perfect for all seasons. The soft red color looks great in the summer with a cropped trouser and transitions into the fall to add a color to your probably all black wardrobe. The artisanal stitching on these Kangaroo Reverse Boots show them to be the unmistakable work of Guidi.

  1. High-fashion Boots for Any Occasion: the Guidi 994 Goat Full Grain Boots

Guidi brings you a classic chukka style boot in 100% goat leather. The contrast white seams pop against the smooth cuts of this shining Charcoal grey boot. This boot is a wardrobe staple and a signature of Guidi’s talent for silhouette and shape.  

  1. Guidi SB10 Reverse Calf Boot: Classic Country Style with Fresh Design

Perfect with a simple dress or a legging, these reverse calf boots are a classic style delivered with a degree of elegance only Guidi could accomplish. The design is rendered lightweight thanks to a sleek ankle, artfully narrow heels, and a pointed, minimalist toe.

  1. Guidi 3007 Soft Goat Full Grain Leather: Ease Meets Elegance

Pull on these Guidi 3007 Soft Goat Full Grain Leather to complete a wide range of outfits in any season. We love the way the simplistic design emphasizes the luxurious grain of the leather. The material falls into natural folds that bring a little life, movement, and softness to the look.

  1. Guidi 795V Horse Full Grain CV: Rugged Style For The City or the Country

Drawing inspiration from rugged military designs, Guidi offers the Horse Full Grain CV. This boot features a Vibram lug sole, a premium sole synonymous with durable and supportive footwear. True to Guidi style, the boot takes on a flexible, springy and lightweight aspect with an exaggerated tongue, and a narrow profile on the toe.

Discover More Guidi Boots and More Fashion Guidance from Hotoveli

Guidi boots come in a wide variety of colors, leathers, and styles. One of the pleasures of our work here at Hotoveli is engaging with the diverse range of tastes we encounter here in New York City’s West Village. Offering forward-thinking contemporary fashion inspired by our environment is our passion. To learn more about Guidi boots for men and women or any of our other offerings, call us at either +, or + or contact us online, where you can browse through boots, dresses, accessories, and far more.

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