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Top 2 Luxury Knitwear Brands in 2018

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Knitwear is no longer just for Winter. We’re excited about brands that are bringing high fashion sensibilities to the intimacy of knitwear. In the hands of these innovators, knitwear becomes sleek, edgy, and contemporary. Let’s explore the work of some designers who are bringing attention to cut, fit, symmetry and gritty color palettes to knitwear.

1. Designer Sweaters for Men and More: Label Under Construction

Label Under Construction has a limited distribution at select boutiques worldwide. The brand has a flair for bringing urban updates to classic knitwear looks. Label Under Construction uses intricate weaving and finishing techniques to give shape and texture to each style. Every piece is numbered and labeled to show its true exclusivity. Let’s explore some examples.

Label Under Construction Armpit Gusset Sweater

Top (#) Luxury Knitwear Brands in 2018

The Armpit Gusset Sweater is a reversible piece that gives you two looks. On one side we have an all black, minimal look with sophisticated details. Turn it inside out and you have a black body with a light grey, underarm gusset detail. Made of 100% wool, this slim fit style lends to a sharp silhouette.

Handspun Silk Sweater: Artisan Style by Label Under Construction

Top (#) Luxury Knitwear Brands in 2018

Revel in Bohemian simplicity with this 100% handspun silk sweater. The texture on this piece makes it fun to throw on with a wide range of looks. Layer it over a tee in Fall, or solo in the Spring. The silk knit is perfect for every season.

2. Boboutic: Women’s Knitwear

What’s fascinating about the creation of Boboutic knitwear is the brand’s commitment to preserving the character of the yarn with which it works. The designers reject the use of scissors, and by doing so create one-of-a-kind shapes for their garments. Let’s look at a few pieces that emphasize this brand’s artistic range with shape and texture.

Boboutic 3441 Short Dusk Coat

Top (#) Luxury Knitwear Brands in 2018

In the hands of Boboutic, this short dusk coat takes on new characters and details, particularly in the collar and shape. Made from 40% Polyurethane, 34% Cotton, 26% Nylon, this coat brings unique folds and symmetries to a traditional cold weather look.

Boboutic 3436 Dust Coat In Royal Blue

 Top (#) Luxury Knitwear Brands in 2018

Few pieces display the incredible results of Boboutic’s unique creation process like this royal blue dust coat. Every nuance on this piece is explored when the wearer is in motion, creating both an appearance and an experience.

Hotoveli Offers You Guidance to More Luxury Knitwear

At Hotoveli, we are passionate about connecting people with fashion from designers who bring innovation and bold creativity to knitwear. These designs preserve what is best about the experience of knitwear while injecting urban energy and sleek shapes into the garments. We love helping the art and culture enthusiasts of our West Village, NYC environment find rare, limited fashion pieces. Contact us online, or reach our store by calling + or +

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