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Amy Glenn

Though there is some commonality among the pieces created by Amy Glenn, the most important thread is the creator.  Each item that she hand makes is an individual inspiration.  Her focus is on black and gray, and it is clear that she draws inspiration from nature, but her aim is not to design a line around a theme or themes.  Each item is a piece of self-expression, and those who choose to wear them connect to them on an individual level.

Each piece in her collection is intended to translate as a second skin.  Her jewelry and garments should act as adornments that seamlessly reflect not only the essence of the wearer’s inside, but also the outside.   The aim is to have them complement the wearer while expressing that individual’s inner self.  Each piece is like a syllable to the whole.

Amy Glenn Skeleton Ring

Amy Glenn Skeleton Ring Sale  $475 $190 Regular price - 60% Off

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