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Many designers claim to meld past traditions with current designs, and many succeed to a degree.  Walid al Damirji has taken a step that few other can claim.  He is creating current designs that don’t pay tributes to tradition, but actually utilize historic fabrics in construction.  More that mere “upcycling”, By Walid aims to honor the past as part of its designing for the present and future.  The goal is not to create a temporary trend, with “disposable” garments that change with the season, but to create cherished pieces that have the potential to be passed down from one wearer to the next.

Classic silhouettes remain classic, with fabrics being used in different pieces creating a link between collections.  The changes in his collections that appear over time are those of the fabrics and the shapes that are used within the pieces rather than complete changes to the overall shapes of the clothes.

It is this reverence to history in terms of fabric and construction, as well as the focus on creating one-of-a -kind items that distinguishes them a unique and cherished.  As Mr al Damirji ponders, “what’s more luxurious than having a one-of-a-kind garment?”

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