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Geoffrey B. Small

It’s not often that a designer can become an international success while swimming against the tide of global commercialism.  From his start in the industry, nearly four decades ago, Geoffrey B. Small has fought the trend of expansion and mass production to maintain its hand-made philosophy that focuses on the individual garment production rather than attempting to dominate a global marketplace.  Small aims to remain just that, limiting his company’s impact on the environment while producing a limited number of custom items for a clientele valuing both his style and philosophy.

The line’s fabrics are handmade on non-powered looms, cut by hand, and sewn by hand.  All of this occurs in a small region of surrounding Caverzere, Venice.  This allows for both a large measure of control of the production process as well as a limit on the required transport throughout.  The traditional methods reduce chemical and energy wastage of the label resulting in a miniscule carbon footprint when compared to the rest of the fashion industry.

This small approach has also allowed Small to lead trends rather than follow them.  His work displays an unmatched creativity with his designs continuing to be hand-made art. 

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