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Rudyard Kipling’s “The Ballad of East and West” notwithstanding, Ahmed Abdelrahman brings together his eastern heritage with western design in a manner that respects and uplifts both.  His design work began with an aim of updating the traditional kandora for his own use as a globe-trotting businessman, making it sharp and modern and wearable whether in the Middle East or Europe.  His designing allowed him to reclaim the garment and its production from the foreign influence that he attributes with contributing to the loss of quality and emotional weight associated with it.

The expansion of his line continues to fuse his eastern heritage with western influence and production (in small quantities in Italy).  His vision for Thamanyah (“eight” in Arabic) is one influenced by the eight pointed start found at once in traditional and contemporary Islamic architecture.  His designs owe themselves both to tradition and modernity. 

Thamanyah Burqa Scarf

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