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Yang Li

To find inspiration from recorded music is to worship the controlled and sterile.  To find inspiration from live music is to worship the  varied and imperfect.  Yang Li clearly draws inspiration from the world of variety and imperfection that encompasses us all. 

Growing up in the contrasting environments of Communist China and Perth Australia, Li experienced various kinds of isolation – political and cultural – but learned to adjust by combining his inbred work ethic with the style of the skate park.  It was in Australia that he experienced the revelation of standing out within a supportive community.  He continued his itinerant lifestyle, “settling” in London after completing his design studies.

It is the inspiration of constant change and of “live music” that drives his collections.   A punk tough here, and tailored look there, a sporting influence popping up somewhere else, Yang builds his garments “brick by brick”, allowing his inspirations to change as does life.

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