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Founded in 2000 by Michel Bergamo, a fashion designer,  and Cristina Zamagni, an architect. Boboutic creates innovative pieces in which traditional knit-and-stitch techniques are combined with a constant search for new materials and production methods. They aim to make each piece with a single yarn, rejecting the idea of the need for scissors. Each season they invite an artist to create work interacting with the cornerstone ideas of the collection.

Smooth Knit Trouser

Boboutic Smooth Knit Trouser

$870 $261 - 70% Off
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Camisole In Black

Boboutic Camisole In Black

$450 $270 - 40% Off
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Ribbed Cardigan

Boboutic Ribbed Cardigan

$625 $437.50 - 30% Off
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