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A pillar of Japanese design, Miyake has been at the forefront of the fashion world for most of his near half-decade career.  Not only have his lines been featured internationally for most of that time, but he is one a very small number of truly innovative designers whose research into garment processing has been rewarded with patents.  His innovations of pleating/micro-pleating have made their way to lines of others in international design.

More recent lines have been designed in-house, under the watchful eye of the master, whose “retirement” from design is anything but.  Miyake continues to innovate, devoting himself to full time research.

The current lines have continues to express the Miyake tradition of technology driven design augmented by influences of the in-house team.  This combination has moved the “intimate architecture” that is clothing, to another level.

Polymorph Jacket

Issey Miyake Polymorph Jacket

$1665 $999 - 40% Off
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Tucked Pants

Issey Miyake Tucked Pants

$695 $486.50 - 30% Off
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Glimmer Dress

Issey Miyake Glimmer Dress

$1005 $502.50 - 50% Off
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Wool Stripe Knit Dress

Issey Miyake Wool Stripe Knit Dress

$1050 $525 - 50% Off
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Cliff Tunic

Issey Miyake Cliff Tunic

$1455 $727.50 - 50% Off
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Brush Over Bodysuit

Issey Miyake Brush Over Bodysuit

$1220 $488 - 60% Off
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