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In a world where mass production has commoditized most everything  both related and unrelated to fashion, it is refreshing to find designers who not only focus on traditional manufacturing methods, but also on traditional materials.  Rigards has a discrete focus on hand production methods that deliver eyeglass frames made exclusively of natural horn.


Arising from a chance meeting by eyewear lovers and collectors Ti Kwa and Jean-Marc Virard, Rigards presents frames that reflect their passions rather than some marketing target promoted by professional optical people.  The mutual admiration between the two has resulted in a line that fulfills the ideals of non-conformity, sustainability, nature, and their personal styles.


The frames themselves are the products of work by horn masters who handle each frame from start to finish.  One set of hands is responsible for the complete process.  Despite the traditional methods and materials, the reflected style is modern and architectural. Additionally, having been produced from natural horn, the one-of-a-kind frames also suit the wearer’s skin, reflecting a pleasant warmth, and gradually evolving a graceful patina – a good thing as Rigards frames are destined to become a cherished style touchstone for a long time.

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