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The concept of Masahiko Maruyama’s line has “nude” refer to simplicity and ease – design “stripped” of pretention and unnecessary adornment.  The garments themselves become models of quality and functionality, without being visually busy.

Tailoring is crossed with activewear, with simplicity of function being complemented by elongated silhouettes.  Minimalism is the watchword, with a limited palette of black, white, and muted colors.  The simplicity of approach provides all the necessary drama of design.

Print Stole

Nude:MM Print Stole

$470 $329 - 30% Off
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Oversized Jacket

Nude:MM Oversized Jacket

$1450 $580 - 60% Off
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Black Oversized Shirt

Nude:MM Black Oversized Shirt

$860 $344 - 60% Off
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