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Though classically trained as a patternmaker and tailor, and producing garments using distinctly traditional processes, Alessio Zero, the force behind Layer-0, recognizes that the world is not in need of copies.  All of his output relies on a vintage style, yet remains distinctly modern.  It may “tip its hat” to the past, but will never copy it.

Examining his garments, it becomes clear that the fabric is always cut by a master’s hand, and that the construction reflects an uncommon level of craftsmanship.  The results look and feel as much like art pieces as fashion items.  The artisanal, slow, hand-made approach to creation yield shoes and boots that feel original and unique, with distinct, turned up toes.  The same approach yield garments with a reflection of the countryside in Italy where the brand is based.

Styled as if from a dream, and built in small workshops, Layer-0 delivers the old world as interpreted by the new.


Layer-0 Blazer


5p Pant 105

Layer-0 5p Pant 105


Silk + Cotton H Blazer

Layer-0 Silk + Cotton H Blazer


2.0 h10 Boot

Layer-0 2.0 h10 Boot


0.5 H8 Shoe

Layer-0 0.5 H8 Shoe


Indigo Shirt

Layer-0 Indigo Shirt


Black SS Shirt
Sold out

Layer-0 Black SS Shirt


H Blazer In Striped Linen

Layer-0 H Blazer In Striped Linen


E Jacket In Leather

Layer-0 E Jacket In Leather


SS T-Shirt In White

Layer-0 SS T-Shirt In White


Sweater In Black + Red

Layer-0 Sweater In Black + Red


Gloves In Black + Grey

Layer-0 Gloves In Black + Grey


H2 Hat In Grey Cordovan

Layer-0 H2 Hat In Grey Cordovan


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