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Ziggy Chen

There is a traveler in all of us, and Ziggy Chen speaks to that traveler.  Ziggy focuses on clothing to be lived in while on the move.  His designs, while hearkening back to his Shanghai roots, clearly express a more expansive world view.


There is a Taoist duality clearly present in the garments. They suit the nomad, whether urban or rural – whether western or eastern – whether in the busy market or the open desert.  It is within this clash of cultures of all types that Chen’s collections find balance.

Green Big V-neck Pullover

Ziggy Chen Green Big V-neck Pullover

$1070 $749 - 30% Off
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Tapered Drawstring Pant 04

Ziggy Chen Tapered Drawstring Pant 04

$1065 $639 - 40% Off
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Knit Scarf 5010

Ziggy Chen Knit Scarf 5010

$800 $560 - 30% Off
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Wool + Silk Trouser

Ziggy Chen Wool + Silk Trouser

$890 $623 - 30% Off
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