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Begun as a denim collection, the streetwear line that is DRKSHDW makes Rick Owens accessible beyond the Paris runways. Pared to its essence, the line reflects Owens’ Goth influences, but simplified for the street. Tailoring is bold and crisp, and always carries an edge.

In some sense, the line reflects a punk iconography with graphic accents and a skater ethos. Muted colors and bold shapes rule.

IES Minidress


$1525 $762.50 - 50% Off
Regular price

SS Crew Level T-Shirt

DRKSHDW SS Crew Level T-Shirt

$350 $140 - 60% Off
Regular price

Runner Stretch Sock

DRKSHDW Runner Stretch Sock

$713 $285.20 - 60% Off
Regular price

Mountain Windbreaker

DRKSHDW Mountain Windbreaker

$1418 $425.40 - 70% Off
Regular price

Runner Stretch Sock Low

DRKSHDW Runner Stretch Sock Low

$780 $390 - 50% Off
Regular price

Mini Skirt

DRKSHDW Mini Skirt

$760 $456 - 40% Off
Regular price

Performa MiniDress

DRKSHDW Performa MiniDress

$735 $441 - 40% Off
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Mountain Hoodie

DRKSHDW Mountain Hoodie

$770 $462 - 40% Off
Regular price

Mountain Sweater

DRKSHDW Mountain Sweater

$735 $441 - 40% Off
Regular price

Naska Fishtail Jacket

DRKSHDW Naska Fishtail Jacket

$1580 $632 - 60% Off
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