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Werkstatt: Munchen


If all people are different, why should the accessories they wear by identical?  Despite the ability for the expert craftsman to duplicate designs, Klaus Lohmayer is not looking to create a set of designs to be duplicated, instead creating pieces that reflect the human involvement in their creation, as well as complementing the personality of the specific person wearing it.  His skilled team created pieces that have “souls” in a world that would rather create soulless, machine made items.

With pieces evoking their source, the old foundry that houses the Werkstatt:Munchen workshop, the raw materials – silver, gold, leather, and cashmere – become the stars of the finely crafted pieces.  The results aim to stress contrast – black and white, shadow and light – as well as the inherent warmth of imperfection of the hand crafted piece.  Additionally, balance and comfort are hallmarks of every design.  The selected piece becomes both physically and emotionally part of the wearer.

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