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Representing a second generation of his family in knitwear, Luca Laurini is a natural in the area of his label’s focus.  Laurini addresses his garments as extensions of the wearers, allowing themselves to express themselves through the clothes rather than simply acting as platform for a design.  The aim is to have the wearer integrate the clothing as experience, not only garment.

The designer also focuses on the uniqueness of flaws within the construction of fabric.  He not only stresses human and machine errors, but utilizes them to full effect, making “mistakes” a prominent design feature of many pieces.  The designs may rely on induced “errors” in construction.  Hems may remain “unfinished” and differential hues may be produced by overdyeing fabric with “broken” stitching or “uneven” weave.

LUC bucks convention by focusing on formal simplicity, binding the object to the wearer to create a result in the act of wearing a garment that is unique to each instance of dressing.

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