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The life work of couture trained Umbrian designer Koeun Park can be seen in the fragility and the poetic interplay between garment and wearer. Her belief is the two are symbiotic: the garment should never impose. In 2005 the house name Forme 3’3204322896 or Forme d’ Expression was created by decoding numeric orders of the “Helvetica-Fraction” font. Before sewing, each garment is hand cut, fused, marked, and prepped by Koeun.

Tent Skirt

Forme d'expression Tent Skirt

$730 $365 - 50% Off
Regular price

Ribbed Bralette

Forme d'expression Ribbed Bralette

$350 $175 - 50% Off
Regular price

Flounced Blouse

Forme d'expression Flounced Blouse

$625 $375 - 40% Off
Regular price

Curved + Cuffed Pant

Forme d'expression Curved + Cuffed Pant

$690 $483 - 30% Off
Regular price

Chunky Dolman Jumper

Forme d'expression Chunky Dolman Jumper

$640 $320 - 50% Off
Regular price

High Collared Blouse

Forme d'expression High Collared Blouse

$610 $305 - 50% Off
Regular price

Kerchief Tank In Black

Forme d'expression Kerchief Tank In Black

$565 $282.50 - 50% Off
Regular price

Kerchief Layered Dress

Forme d'expression Kerchief Layered Dress

$1025 $615 - 40% Off
Regular price

Cigarette Pants

Forme d'expression Cigarette Pants

$740 $222 - 70% Off
Regular price

Tuck and Drape Top In Mirage

Forme d'expression Tuck and Drape Top In Mirage

$695 $208.50 - 70% Off
Regular price

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